A Sensitive Soul who struggled with Self-Love 

As a sensitive soul, I grew up feeling  so isolated and alone. I felt rejected and abandoned and I always had this overwhelming feeling in my body. I’d cry but I’d be told to wise up so I’d bottle it all up and that made things even worse. Teachers, my parents and my siblings would call me sensitive and it would make me feel down about myself. I didn’t know how to cope and I suffered from depression, anxiety and low self worth. Even at university, after going through a lot of trauma, I was given medication to help me cope. It didn’t work. I didn’t love myself and it has taken the last few years of consistent work on healing myself so that I can love myself.

Only the last few years, I have discovered that my wounding of being a sensitive soul is actually a gift. I’ve learned that I can take on others emotions and that has led to burnout for me. I knew that I was very compassionate and empathetic but I didn’t know how to set boundaries or let people in as I would have my guard up constantly.

If I walked into a room with other people, I could feel the emotions, tense, upset, and even passionate. I could take those on if I didn’t protect myself. Or if they were sitting beside me or behind me, I could feel the emotions on different areas of my body.

My weight has also fluctuated up and down over the years. Being diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and having gone through numerous traumas, I found myself putting on weight quite easily especially around my stomach area. I hated my body and didn’t really like any part of me. Not only was I criticised from others but I also criticised myself.

Since changing my career, my inner guidance has led me to healing work and I’ve discovered all these key things about myself. I’ve healed my traumas and been learning how to protect my energy, release my blocks, and have used lots of tools to thrive as a sensitive soul. I’ve learned how to protect myself and know how to feel my own emotions. Detaching from drama and listening to my own inner guidance has helped me avoid overwhelm, overthinking and over responsibility. I don’t feel guilty for saying no and I want the same for you. I’ve also lost weight and love my body and myself at all stages. I am aware of any self criticism that comes up and I don’t beat myself up about what I look like or what foods I eat or don’t eat. The same goes with exercise.

As a sensitive soul, you can love yourself.


My Self Love Revolution has helped me to;

Let go of self hate/frustration and the blocks to following through to self love

Start honouring my body by listening within and following a self care plan which is doable and easy at the same time

Stop beating myself up and ending the self criticism

Wear a bikini in the pool

Wear make up or go without it when I want to

Stop criticising my photos or what I look like

Have more open and honest conversations in my relationships

Heal family and partner issues

Set boundaries with others 

Learn to protect myself from others’ emotions 

Detach from negative energy and drama

End my crippling anxiety, low self worth and depression

Stop needing approval or validation from others about what I look like or what I do

Know that I am enough

Plus stop comparing myself to others


I am on a mission with my Self Love Revolution to help you as a Sensitive Soul to love yourself. 


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