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How body image affects us?

It is true how body image affects so many of us. I remember many times where I hated wearing a bikini or swimsuit in the pool or at the beach. It felt uncomfortable for me to show off my stomach in a bikini.  Always feeling that I was fat and looked fat.

On holidays with family, my friends or my partner, I’d beat myself up for the way I looked and I would feel extremely self conscious around others.

Thinking they might ridicule me or make me feel less than because of my body image.

I gained weight around my stomach very easily due to PCOS so because I didn’t have abs, I didn’t feel good enough.

I have been loving myself and my body so much more in the last two years. Muscle testing to release anything related to my self love blocks or limiting beliefs in the energy system, and using my numerous self care and self love practices each day to ensure that I don’t beat myself up.

There are days though when I do beat myself up. I get angry and annoyed at myself but I am aware that it is temporary. I sit with the pain, hold space for myself and let myself move through it.

Myself and my fiancé had spent a few days away over the weekend. Even after eating cake, pizza and drinking alcohol this weekend, I still feel great in my body. I was able to wear a bikini to the pool and not worry about what anyone else thought of me.

Loving myself more is helping me to lose weight but I am not as restrictive or obsessive with my food intake and I am not going the other way either of over eating. Not to say there are some times, when I verge on both of these but because I am aware and can intuitively listen in to my body and her needs and wants, those times are very few and far between these days.

What a difference from hating my body.

My body image has definitely improved and I feel happy, and healthy in myself.

How do you feel about your body image?

Would you wear a swimsuit or a bikini or do you avoid the pool/beach at all costs?

Loving your body doesn’t happen overnight but when you do love your body, you feel happier, healthier and comfortable in your own skin. You can lose weight, gain weight or stay as you are but you don’t beat yourself up in the process.

Your body wants you to love her and if you listen within, she will tell you.

She has probably been waiting a while.

Let me know in the comments below about how you feel about your body image.

Lots of love,

Kerri #selfloverevolution

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