Do you feel your feelings or eat them?

Do you feel your feelings?

I was thinking about this and a question that comes up a lot with clients and even myself sometimes is; “Do you actually feel your feelings or do you eat them?”

So if you’re feeling sad or anxious, or annoyed, do you just let it out? Do you cry, do you get angry or annoyed or do you eat?

Or the other side of it is, if you’re happy, do you reward yourself with food, do you say oh I am going to have a chocolate bar or do you feel that you actually process your feelings?

I know when I grew up, crying wasn’t maybe seen as a sign of weakness but you were told not to cry.  You were aware that you were getting upset and decided then to eat more your feelings rather than actually feel them.

I think sometimes in this energy healing work, a lot of people come and say “Will I be healed of never crying again? ”

That’s definitely not the case.

Energy Work & Healing

You want to release the childhood feelings that have been attached. Those that keep repeating in your life; the lessons and the things that trigger you.

For me recently it was disappointment. I’ve been letting that go and it went back through my childhood.

You don’t want the attachments of childhood to show up in your life now. You can be disappointed.

It doesn’t take up your whole entire week or your whole entire day.

If you’re disappointed, sit with those feelings and then let them go.

Sometimes it takes a few hours or a couple of days but don’t beat yourself up about it.

You know that you’re disappointed in that moment of time but it’s not attached to years of being disappointed or disappointing other people.

That’s when you know it is a feeling but you don’t reach for the biscuit tin or you don’t go down to the shop and think I can’t feel my feelings so I am going to have to eat my feelings.

Emotional Eating

That’s where the emotional eating comes into play.

Sometimes, people will either restrict themselves or they’ll go the other way and they’ll overeat.

It’s for you to become aware of it. It’s good to know if your happiness, disappointment, sadness, or upset is attached to things that have gone on in your childhood.

You can move forward and find somebody like myself who is able to release those attachments for you.

Going deep into the energy system and releasing those limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back from actually loving your body at this moment of time. Whether you are on a weight loss journey, or even if you’re gaining weight, it’s good to love your body.

A lot of people do want to lose weight and that’s fine. However, when they get to their goal weight, they still don’t love themselves.

So you’re having to deal with all the inner mindset work and the emotional eating and things that have gone on below the surface.

Holistic process

Instead of just thinking of it physically and nutritionally, think of it as a holistic process. Spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you feel that you don’t feel your feelings and you’re sitting there thinking “I am really upset and I am going to eat a chocolate bar and I am just going to stuff down my feelings and I am not going to show anybody that I am upset”, then you are repressing your feelings.

If you do it though, don’t beat yourself up. Be kind about yourself and know that you can release it.

I have my free self-love limiting belief release here;

Release those limiting beliefs of yours that are holding you back from loving your body, right now as it is.

Let me know whether you do feel your feelings or you eat them.

Let me know in the comments or send me a message if that’s you.

I will be sharing more tips about how to deal with emotional eating in terms of loving your body and in the whole weight loss process and journey.

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