happier in my skin

Feeling healthier and happier in my skin

Last May, I wanted to feel healthier and happier in my skin.
I wanted to get to the point where I could get on the scales and not care. Or wear a bikini ? all the time without worrying what I looked like or what anyone thought of me.  Plus, look in the mirror and love who was staring back at me.
Three weeks ago, in the second photo on the right, I felt the happiest I have done standing in a bikini. There were no tears, or thinking I should be wearing a tan or wondering if someone else looks better than me. I definitely felt happier in my own skin.

From moving abroad and back home, to health challenges including burn out, adrenal fatigue and injuries and bereavements, I started listening to my body more closely than I have ever done before. It also meant that I made the wise decision to take four months out of the gym until February this year.

I became aware when I was restricting my food, over eating or doing too much exercise or too little. I started judging myself less and less as the months went on. There was no beating myself up when I weighed myself. It’s just a number, I would tell myself.

What helped me?

Mainly Energy work helped me including Energy Editing ® which is muscle testing to release the blocks in my energy system that were holding me back.

Self care and self love practices including PT and yoga helped me too. I have as a result lost fat but the scales have not changed in months. In the first photo I didn’t weigh myself because I know better. The scales would have made me feel bad about myself and I didn’t want that to happen.
I want to help more women end the self criticism of their bodies and learn to love themselves.

The freedom and peace of mind is incredible from how many years I have punished my body. I punished my body for lack of abs, trauma, PCOS and for people making fun of me or criticism from myself and others.
Isn’t about time that we love our bodies and ourselves?

Comment below if you’re done hating or disliking your body and let me know what would help you start liking and loving yourself more.
Kerri ?#selfloverevolution
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