Ready to Love Your Body





If you’re feeling overwhelmed, sensitive and struggling with loving your body, then you are not alone.

The reason, I know is because I was the same. For years, I was told I was sensitive and had no self love. Struggling with weight loss and weight gain and never happy with my body. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I would cry but was told to stop it and bottled up my emotions. I was living in a constant state of overwhelm and stress and I ate my feelings. Then I would under eat and starve myself because I hated myself. Constantly on a diet and exercise hamster wheel without actually releasing the pain and trauma that had been hiding underneath. I felt quite alone and isolated for a huge majority of my life.

Being sensitive is actually a gift but most of us sensitive souls start out being very wounded in life. Rejected, abandoned and a fear of separation are some of the culprits.

You probably don’t love yourself and suffer from low self worth, anxiety and depression. Struggling with your weight and disliking your body by constantly criticising and beating yourself up. 

During your childhood, you felt that a lot of things overwhelmed you or you got overstimulated. You probably over analysed a lot and became responsible for everyone. You sacrificed and struggled so that you could be there for others. This has probably come at an expense to your health. You suffered from burnout, illnesses and trauma and it has taken its toll. 

Blowing the small things out of proportion and over catastrophising really holds you back. You imagine the worst case scenario and are crippled with anxiety and fear. Your health suffers and loving your body becomes an issue. Maybe you under eat, over eat or are just generally unhappy with your body. 

Many of you sensitive souls keep your guard up because setting boundaries feels too hard. You feel guilty, so you overgive and then immediately you feel resentful for doing so. Saying no feels foreign to you and you can feel so many emotions of the people around you, that it’s hard to tell whether it’s your emotions or not. Usually these emotions completely overwhelm you and you don’t realise that most of the time, they aren’t yours. What you do with these emotions is you either under eat or you stuff your feelings down with food. 

There are so many ways that sensitive souls can thrive but when you look outside of yourself for so long, it can become quite difficult to listen to your own inner intuition and see what works for you.

I’ve set up Ready To Love Your Body so that you can start listening to your own inner guidance and find what works for you.

If this resonates with you, I’d love for you to work with me.

Ready to Love Your Body is a 2 month program including 6 sessions and email support, to learn how to master yourself on the health front; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I help you release the emotional blocks/limiting beliefs to health; losing weight/gaining weight and becoming happy in your own skin.

Your Love Your Body Transformation

Let go of self hate/frustration and the blocks to following through to self love

Start honouring your body by listening within and following a self care plan which is doable and easy at the same time

Stop beating yourself up and end the self criticism

Wear a bikini in the pool

Wear make up or go without it when you want to

Stop criticising your photos or what you look like

Set boundaries with others

Learn to protect yourself from others’ emotions

Detach from negative energy and drama

End your crippling anxiety, stress, low self worth and worry

Stop needing approval or validation from others about what you look like

Know that you are enough

Plus stop comparing yourself to others

There are lots of tools to help you as a sensitive soul, including Energy Healing.

I use many different modalities under the umbrella of Energy Healing to help you on a conscious and subconscious level, as well as digging deeper into the Energy System. I help you on a spiritual, physical, emotional and mental level. Trauma, stress, limiting beliefs and blocks can be stored in our Energy System and this impacts your ability to function to your full potential or beyond. I clear energy blocks and limiting beliefs from the energy system so that the body is rebalanced and can help you heal in order to live a life of vibrancy and maintain health and happiness. 

Some of the healing modalities are mentioned below and I use my own intuitive guidance with practical and specialised modalities to help you transform. I will simplify everything for you so it’s easy to create morning or evening rituals or incorporate the practices into your daily life.

It will be simple but also powerful and effective for you so that you don’t beat yourself up for not following through or overwhelm or stress yourself out over it.

Akashic Records; Accessing the library or hall of the Akashic Records is not for the chosen few. Anyone can access them and I will teach you how to access them for yourself. Getting into a meditative state is necessary and setting aside your current thoughts, so you can be open to any information that comes through. You can receive information on your past lives or your current one. I will teach you how to start the reading session and focus on what is relevant to you. 

EFT; (Emotional Freedom Technique) EFT is a technique used to remove negative emotions that limit your success. Gary Craig developed this meridian based energy therapy from Dr.Roger Callaghan. A simple technique to offer quick relief from anxiety, fear and low self worth. You tap on different points of the body while saying a phrase which releases the negative emotion. It is beneficial in helping you gain the freedom to do and be who you want.

Inner Guidance; Your own inner wisdom and intuition is powerful. You have probably taken on other’s beliefs including your parents, partner, family or society and so it can be hard to distinguish your own inner voice. I will guide you to distinguishing which voice is yours and which isn’t so we can clear any limiting beliefs or blocks that are holding you back.

Energy Editing ®; – muscle testing to find the specific blocks in your Energy system and releasing them. You will set the intention of what you want to work on i.e. being sensitive or struggles with self love and I will muscle test to find the specific block or limiting belief and release it from your Energy System. Energy Editing ® is a very powerful technique and helps to smash those blocks to self love and being sensitive. Imagine releasing self criticism for good and showing you exactly what self love and compassion actually is. 

Coaching; In coaching, I will advise you on all my tried and tested knowledge of what works when it comes to being sensitive and struggling with health and self love. Think loving your body. I will set it out in an easy plan so you can have more compassion for yourself, reduce overwhelm, overthinking and of course, over-responsibility.

Grounding; There are many grounding techniques to help you keep balanced and avoid stress. 

Detaching from drama and negative energy; This is super important especially as a sensitive and learning how to love yourself. You’ll be learning how to set boundaries and protect yourself from any negative energy or drama. There are many protection and cleansing techniques that can be used to protect yourself so you don’t get light depleted or feel burnt out from other people’s energies and drama.

Self Care & Self Love Practices; There are so many self care and self love practices that I will be sharing with you. You do not have to do a million and one things at once. As a sensitive, I know that would overwhelm you and stress you out. We will work together to create an easy and doable plan that saves you time and can be easily fitted into your day. 

Nutrition; I am not a Nutritionist but there are certain foods and drinks that need to be looked at on your Sensitive Soul journey and learning to love yourself. Some supplements will also be recommended but I will help you listen to your inner body guidance in order to decipher what works for you in order to live a vibrant, happy and healthy life.

Flower Essences and Essential oils; Essential oils derive from the actual plant; flowers, leaves, seeds by distillation or with citrus oils by cold expression method. Flower essences are prepared by infusing the energy of the actual plant material into a pure spring water preserved with alcohol or an organic vegetable glycerin via moonlight or sunlight. Flower essences do not take in the actual scent of the plant. Both flower essences and essential oils can be used in conjunction to help the body, support and mind when going through any fears, thoughts or emotions such as anxiety. Working together, we can narrow down the flower essences and essential oils that are relevant to your particular issues or struggles.

Crystals; There are different crystals which can help you as a sensitive and help you with self love. We will work together to choose the crystals which would help with grounding, protection, and any issues that show up such as anxiety.

These tools are to help you avoid being light depleted. This can lead to depression, low self worth and negative feelings about yourself.

Being empathetic, compassionate and non judgemental help me to hold the space for you. I am facilitating your beautiful transformation to loving yourself. 

When you choose to work with me, you are tapping into my numerous years of experience and you get access to all the tried and tested methods. Savings years in your own research and rivers of tears in the process because I have done it for you. The real spiritual path can be lonely but ultimately, it is the best way!

Plus when we work together, you will soon know, that you are not alone and there are many other sensitives who struggle with self love. I believe in teaching you skills and practices for life. I want you to walk away knowing that you have tools in your toolkit to use whenever you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed as a sensitive. You will have compassion for yourself like never before. 

If you’d like to be a part of  Ready to Love Your Body, click below to book in a FREE clarity call to discuss how we can work together; 


How I discovered I am a sensitive soul 


As a sensitive soul, I grew up feeling  so isolated and alone. I felt rejected and abandoned and I always had this overwhelming feeling in my body. Crying was shameful. So bottling up my emotions made everything worse. Teachers, my parents and my siblings would call me sensitive and it would make me feel down about myself. I didn’t know how to cope and I suffered from depression, anxiety and low self worth. I didn’t love myself and it has taken the last few years of consistent work to love myself.

Only the last few years, I have discovered that my wounding of being a sensitive soul is actually a gift. I’ve learned that I can take on others emotions and that has led to burnout for me. I knew that I was very compassionate and empathetic but I didn’t know how to set boundaries.

I can feel other’s emotions; tense, upset, and even passionate on different parts of my body. If I don’t protect myself, I can take these on.

My weight has also fluctuated up and down over the years with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and numerous traumas. I found myself putting on weight quite easily especially around my stomach area. I hated my body and didn’t really like any part of me.  Others criticised me but I also criticised myself. I struggled to know how to love myself at whatever size.

I’ve been healing my traumas and learning how to protect my energy, release my emotional blocks to weight, and have used lots of tools to thrive as a sensitive soul. Detaching from drama and listening to my own inner guidance has helped me avoid overwhelm, overthinking and over responsibility. I don’t feel guilty for saying no and I want the same for you. I’ve also lost weight and love my body and myself at all stages. I am aware of any self criticism that comes up and I don’t beat myself up about what I look like or what foods I eat or don’t eat. The same goes with exercise.

As a sensitive soul, you can love yourself.



Kerri xx