I would just like to say a big thank you to Kerri O’Loane, for my session. She was so generous with her time, knowledge and I feel so much lighter and better now after clearing some emotional blocks to self-love! And I had some BIG self-love blocks! It was great to just have someone to listen to what’s been going on lately and really connect. Gratitude. ?   Chanel Bader 

I had some Energy Editing sessions with Kerri and I really enjoyed it. Her sweet and sensitive nature allowed me to be real and honest. With our work together I had many energetic shifts that I needed to release. She has a world of knowledge. I highly recommend her. ❤?Francesca Fedele

Kerri put me at ease and made me feel safe immediately. I originally thought that talking about my grief with someone I don’t know very well would be embarrassing, but my session with Kerri was very healing. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. Thanks for everything Kerri!
-Sarah Jordan 

Kerri is delightful. Her energy is light hearted and grounded at the same time which makes you feel very secure to open up and share your feelings and experiences. I loved the way she held the space for the session, and feel like we uncovered some deep core issues and released them, I’m looking forward to see how the next few weeks pan out after this session. It was also a great way to dig deeper and build on the energy work I’ve already been doing. Thanks again.
-Prita Grealy
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Kerri was charming, instantly put you at ease and the techniques she used to help me shift through some heavy emotions, was extraordinary. I was yawning like mad and once our session was finished, I felt energised and floating yet grounded. I had a great sleep and the next day woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on my day. Thank you Kerri for facilitating releasing what was not needed.
-Alexis Littleboy

My session with Kerri was so transformative and it’s been amazing to shift some deep rooted stuff. I highly recommend! ?
-Claire Bednall

I was fortunate to have a session with Kerri, and she is not only an absolute darling, what came up was spot on. So if you are thinking about it, it’s so worth doing. And thank you again Kerri. Really, really appreciate your loving connection.
-Inara Hawley

Can highly recommend an Energy Editing ® session with Kerri. She’s amazing. Whether you want to lose weight, change careers, struggling with a family problem or self beliefs, she is the woman to blast those blocks that are holding you back. Thanks Kerri xx
Leigh Telford

Kerri is incredible. The session was brilliant and so eye and heart opening. Still working through it. You will love your session so go for it.
-Ros Kelly

Kerri is exceptional! First off, Kerri really listens. Listens to the messages you are trying to get across and seek advice about, but also the undertones – those things that are important to you, that may not have come to the surface yet. That is what impressed me most. She gave me very practical advice and contact leads, but in addition, she drew out what was really important to me in order to give quite insightful recommendations. It was very helpful to bounce ideas off of her and also gain from her previous experience in an area that is new to me. I highly recommend reaching out to Kerri if you’re considering a career change or need an unbiased, smart, and motivating sounding board. I sent her some background and objectives prior to our call and we hit the ground running. I can’t thank Kerri enough. Meeting with her was exactly what I needed at a very pivotal point. It is rare when such a short amount of time investment is so fruitful. Thank you so much Kerri.
-Gina Farish

Kerri was one of the main reasons I took the leap to move to Australia! It was an incredible experience and I look forward to working with Kerri again in the near future!
-Janelle Duerrstein

I had the opportunity to work alongside Kerri for a few months and WOW is all I can say!! I have recommended Kerri to so many people as I believe it’s important to do what you want, incorporating your values and most of all something you love – Kerri helped me create my vision and see a clear pathway therefore I successfully changed career (after 18 years) and I have never been happier- my only wish is that I had met Kerri many years ago.
-Gillian Kelly

When I worked with Kerri she helped me gained clarity about some changes I wanted and needed to make, take action, and get results. Most importantly, she made sure throughout the process that I was really excited about what I was saying I wanted. Doing what you love is very important and Kerri is a great advocate and partner in that.
 -Nadjejda Chapoteau
Love Light Coaching

Kerri helped with mental and emotional blocks, built my confidence to the point where I was looking forward to going to the interview to showcase my skills and provided support after the coaching session right up to the day before the interview. From being completely terrified of attending an interview to actually looking forward to it, what an amazing transformation. Great value for money and a true investment in my future. Thank you Kerri.
-Conor McGreevy

Kerri had a deep understanding of all the fears and self-doubts that were stopping me from putting myself out there. She held me accountable for actions that I wouldn’t have made on my own and encouraged and supported me every step of the way. In a nutshell, she helped me to see exactly how much I had to offer the world. Thank you Kerri!
-Fifi Mills


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